Your body is a temple, Protect it.



I was surprised to find out that the only existing biodegradable band aids or wrapping that exists are those liquid band aids that you apply with nail polish like brushes.

Glass half full

Whenever I get injured, I try to stay on the bright side. “Im not in the hospital, I didnt break anything, and I can still walk.” On the down side, Im wearing a band aid…could be worse.

Beard Aid

I decided to cover all of my facial hair with band aids…..I almost did my whole head, I didnt realize until the day after that I looked alot like Plato the famous philosopher.

As blue as you can be

The Blue Man group has a show to perform, a message to convey and a metaphysical philosophy about theater and rock and roll. As serious actors and musicians they like to look their best on stage and every little visual detail has to be perfect, thats why when they hit the stage theres only one product they trust to protect and hide their wounds.

Greeting Cards

I was just thinking about how funny it is that people send “congratulations on getting your cast off” cards, and then it made me start to think about how funny a “Congratulations on getting your band aid off” card would sounds…

Dear Jordan,

I know you have had a rough week with that band aid. I remember at work when you cut open your thumb and you were so devestated and embarrassed you had to be singled out because of your injury. Well who’s laughing now!? Congrats on getting that crusty old band aid off buddy. Cant wait to see you tuesday night at the thumb wrestling match!

Your friend,


Cobra bite

Ive noticed alot of people doing vampire bite band aids, and i think band aids with wounds printed on them are sweat, but to keep things interesting i made my band aids cobra bites.