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Final Post

I dont know about the rest of you but my mother was always telling me to finish me cereal when I was younger. I guess she just got pissed off because milk was expensive. “Now you can waste as many band aids as you want with our new cheap budget box of band aids (prize not included)”


How to remove a band aid

Done with your band aid? Here are several options for those of you who are thinking about removing a Johnson & Johnson Band Aid.

1-Baby oil or olive oil are 2 things that will help to remove the adhesive and get your band aid off without leaving the sticky stuff behind. (kinda like goof off)

2-Fill a bowl or container with warm water, submerge the spot with the band aid. The warm water should loosen the adhesive and at the very least will make the band aid easier to remove.

3-Hair dryers and blow dryers emit hot air which melts the adhesive. This is a great methos but unforunately it leaves a lot of gunk behind.

4-The number one way to remove a band aid……Man up and rip it off quickly. The pain is sudden but doesnt last more than a second.


Nothing says finished like death. Band aid helps to mummify the corpse and keep it preserved in the afterlife.


The only way to make progress when solving a crime is to find clues. Band aid is here to help make these clues stand out.

Next level band aids

This was actually an ad I thought of a while ago and hadnt had a chance to use yet. “Celebrate our progress with our new state of the art showerproof band aids! Different than ordinary band aids because they are not only waterproof but the adhesive can even resist shampoo, conditioner, soap suds, and dish soap”

Perfect for a dishwasher, hair stylist, or just someone who spends a lot of time in the shower.


I always thought stairs sort of represented progress in a way so i stuck some band aids on a piece of paper and drew around them, looking back I wish I would have done more pieces like this one.


I love living in a neighborhood where houses are frequently being build from the group up. Every day I drive by this one house on the way to school and ithas been so interesting to see the progress each week as it slowly comes together.

After I was done building the first house I made a little hut out of the wrappers