Moped passion

A few months ago I bought my second moped from the 1980s, a Sachs G3 . Since this thing is 30 plus years old there are all sorts of little and sometimes big problems that occur randomly on rides. Today it was my kickstand…while I was riding, the spring that holds the kickstand up while your moving kept getting disconected and the kickstand would bounce under the bike and I kept having to pull over. Usually I have electrical tape or something in my backpack from problems like these, but today all I had were bandaids and they worked just as well if not better. Mopeds and freestyle bicycles have been my top 2 passions for a long time now and whenever I fix something its always a huge relief, today I can proudly thank band aids for fixing one of my many many moped problems.


One response to “Moped passion

  1. Noah this mope is dope. I want to see it in action.

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