The free candy will blind you….

I was the type of kid on Halloween who ran from doorstep to doorstep in a frantic hurry to collect all the candy I could. I was excited at the thought of free candy and the last thing on my mind was the possibility of trippin over something on the sidewalk, someones front yard or their stoop. I know there were at least a few Halloweens when my night got cut short because I hurt myself running from one house to the next. Halloween is a dangerous night of the year in so many ways, and its probably a good night to be prepared and keep a bandaid on you.


2 responses to “The free candy will blind you….

  1. Thanks for the support mayne! originally when i thought of this, i pictured it as a way to warn kids not to carve pumpkins without parental supervision, but for some reason i just didnt include that thought in the post.

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